The Secret to Success in Piggery Business, pig farming business

The Secret to Success in Piggery Business; Piggery business has become extremely popular business nowadays and becomes even more popular day after day. If you have decided to begin a profit-making business then pig farming is for you. The popularity of pork is far beyond Nigeria. Piggery business is an investment that brings a quick return.
Pork, shockingly the most widely consumed meat in the world, followed by poultry and beef, has been largely ignored by thousands of people interested in farming for various reasons and beliefs. These ideologies have kept Africa at just producing (a small amount of) less than 5% of the world’s pork products, thereby making its pig farming industry one of the smallest on the planet.
China on the other hand, has benefitted greatly from the pig farming industry more than any other country because, they’re not just the highest producers of pigs, but are also the largest net importer of pig products in the world.
Since the cost of pig feed can be relatively low, raising pigs has proven to be one of the most affordable branches of animal husbandry, and so, makes it one of the most lucrative farm businesses to venture into; especially since they produce more meat than almost all other farm animals including sheep, goats, & cattle, and their global demand is at an explosive rate.

Advantages of piggery business in Nigeria

. Piggery business in Nigeria has many advantages, they are: Pigs have a very short reproductive period if to compare with goats and cattle. A sow gives birth to approximately 12piglets two times per year, the period of gestation is about 115 days. Pig grows fast.
. Pigs are not particular about food, so you will be able to reduce your expenses.
. The climate of Nigeria is appropriate for pig farming.
. Piggery business serves as good source of income and employment.
. There is excessive global demand than supply.
. Pigs have low mortality rate.
. Cheaper to raise than many other farm animals.
. They have a strong immune system.
. They sell at great prices.


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Steps to the Secret to Success in Piggery Business

1. Determine the farm size of your intending piggery business

2. Engage in pig market research in your area 

3. Construct your pig house

4. Acquiring and stocking healthy piglets (pig children) for your piggery business

5. Pig feed formulation and feeding

6. Pig farm sanitisation 

7. Diseases and pests of pigs and their solutions 

8. Acquiring and studying piggery business plan

9. Learning some piggery business terminologies

 The Secret to Success in Piggery Business, pig farming business

Steps to the Secret to Success in Piggery Business

1. Determine the farm size of your intending piggery business

Depending on how you plan to feed your pigs, a plot of land may just be okay for small-scale starting but if you can acquire a large farmland (from 5 acres) that will be better so that your pig can graze in the open and retire to the pen where they’d continue feeding and playing. Land is your biggest investment in this business. Once you have it, you’re halfway done.
Look for land in a rural area where you can get it cheaper. 1acre of land in a rural area will be from N200,000 x how many you want. Do your stuffs there and transport your goods to the town. Some butcher will even be coming to your farm to buy, saving you cost of transportation.
It is good to raise pigs in pasture by leaving them occasionally to root around in the fields where they can find plants to eat, and that can only be achieved when you have large enough farmland (Pasture Ground) to cater for this. As they mature, you take care so that they do not wander away.

2. Engage in pig market research in your area

So many dumb people in the business world work hard to create products, then, start looking around for the market (buyers).
That`s a big error.
I know you`re not dumb.
The smartest thing a business minded person will do is to understand the market and market forces … even before venturing into any business.
Let me explain.
As you`re planning to start a pig farming business in Nigeria (or elsewhere in Africa), you have to consider the marketing part of your intending business
Your first assignment is to answer the question; who and who around here will buy my pigs?
Do they buy them alive or as pork?
What are the forces that determine the market demand?
Do people eat more pork at a certain time?
Are there taboos or religious beliefs against pork around here?
Who are the market players now? Is there available space in your market no one is serving yet?
All of this is called marketing research.
It`s a basic step top every entrepreneurial trip… and must never be neglected, even in the pig business.


3. Construct your pig house

For profitable farms in Nigeria, housing is essential. Building a good house for your animals is a guarantee of healthy pigs and will prevent predators’ attacks. Places, where pigs sleep and eat are called pens. Housing helps to control temperature level during cold weather and excess of heat. Pigs are vibrant to temperature, they even can die. You can raise pigs both indoor and outdoor. If you keep pigs outdoor just remember that they will need a good place to survive hot and cold weather. If you keep pigs indoor, ensure good ventilation, sanitation and illumination inside. You should also organize a place for pig’s bedding and feeding. The bed should be dry. Some people consider pigs as dirty animals, in fact, pigs love clean environment. You should create a drainage system for free flow of pigs’ waste. If you want your piggies to be happy, just build a small water pool, where they will be able to play and swim, as well as get rid of dirt and cool themselves in hot weather. Change the water in the pool periodically.


4. Acquiring and stocking healthy piglets (pig children) for your piggery business

To ensure healthy farm, you need to make sure the piglets you are about to start your farm with are healthy. Buy from trusted source and make sure the ones you are buying has history of vaccination.

The Suitable Species For Pig Farming Business

1). Yorkshire Pig:
  • They are white in colour.
  • They have erect ears.
  • Their average litter size is 13 pigs per sow.
  • They have a slow growth rate.


2). Berkshire Pig:
  • They are black and white with erect ears.
  • They have white on all four legs, face, and tail.
  • They have an occasional splash of white on their bodies.


3). Tamworth Pig:

They are golden-red in colour.

  • They are great foragers.
  • Their faces are slightly dished; i.e wide between the ears and jowl light.
  • Their ears are large and erect.
  • They have red coats that make them adaptable to various climates and protects them from sunburns
  • They are intelligent and agreeable in disposition.
  • They are prolific and able to produce and care for large litters.
  • Their piglets are vigorous and often have 100% survivability.
  • Both the males and females reach a mature weight of 500 – 600 lbs (227 – 272 kg).


4). Mulefoot Pig:
  • They are mainly black.
  • They have medium flop and pricked ears, falling forward and not covering their entire face.
  • They have soft hair coat.
  • They have solid, non-cloven hoof.
  • They can be great pastured pigs.
  • They are cold and heat tolerant, and can survive many climatic conditions.
  • There are not ferel hogs.

5). Hereford Pig:
  • They are red and white in colour.
  • They have superior feeding qualities.
  • They have at least, three white legs.


6). Large Black Pig:
  • They are excellent foragers
  • They have a solid black snout to tail.
  • They have large lop ears covering the eyes.
  • They have a snout and long straight face.
  • They have long deep bodies.
  • They are huge black pigs.
  • They are a fantastic breed for pastured pig production.
  • They are rare.

7). Poland China Pig:
  • They are black with six white points on their face, feet, and switch.
  • They have floppy ears.
  • They have a stubby black tail.


8). Chester White Pig:
  • They are white in colour, which dresses out to a light pink colour.
  • They have a dished face.
  • They have medium fall floppy ears.
  • They have a full thick coat.
  • They are heritage hogs.
  • They have supreme mothering abilities, durabilities, and soundness.
  • They have superior muscles.


9). Hampshire Pig:
  • They have erect ears.
  • They are black in colour with a white belt.
  • They are used for breeding purposes.
  • They are a heritage breed.


10). Landrace Pig:
  • They are white in colour.
  • Their ears droop and slant forward.
  • They have the ability to furrow and raise large litters.
  • They are popular in the United States.


11). Duroc Pig:
  • They are red all over.
  • They have no white markings.
  • Their ears are droopy.
  • They are big boned with feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • No white belts or white feet.

Buy as much as you want to start with but don’t start with too many. It is advisable to start with small number and increase gradually. This way, you will be able to learn the rope and you grow and anything go wrong at the initial stage, your risk will be minimal.
Talk To Veterinary Doctor – You need the services of vet doctors for regular check up and vaccination as well as feeding and nutrition advice. Pigs generally eat what human being eat and does not present many worries when it comes to feed.


5. Pig feed formulation and feeding

Just like human being, Pigs eat a wide variety of foods, anything human can eat, they can eat. Like human being as well, they need balanced diet such as fibre, energy, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to thrive. Feed will take the major chunk of your spending on the farm.
Pigs, like all animals, must have constant access to clean fresh drinking water. As well as tipping the trough to make a wallow, pigs will also stand in the water trough and wash their dirty faces in it, so it needs to be checked regularly, cleaned out and refilled. Galvanised troughs are robust and easy to clean, and not too easy for the pigs to tip over.  Automatic drinkers are available but aren’t half as much fun for the pigs
Put all these in place and you are as good as having started your business.  There is nothing a good as being in business you are sure of profit; Pig farming is one of such business. All you need to do is to feed and take care of them. Do that proper and watch them multiply in three fold.


6. Pig farm sanitization

For your pigs to be disease free and stay healthy, sanitation is very important. You should devise a way of cleaning out and removing waste promptly from your pig house. I recommend that waste should be removed on a daily basis so as to keep the floor dry and reduce odour.
After 5 to 7 months, pigs will have gotten to the ideal market weight of more than 200 lbs. They could be sold or slaughtered for meat and sold in the open market. Pig farming business in Nigeria is a viable venture. Do you know that a female pig can give birth to 12 piglets twice in a year and each piglet can be sold for N4, 000 to N5, 000? This is so true!


7. Diseases and pests of pigs and their solutions

Animals get sick, just as human do. The difference is that you may not easily know when the pigs in your farm are getting sick, except you pay attention.
Since every sickness starts with symptom, you will be good to have an experienced person near you… such as a veterinary doctor.
You will be able to contact him/her at any time and say, “my pigs are looking this way”, “my pigs are not eating”, “my pigs` skin is too reddish” etc.
Aside from sickness, you will need the service of a veterinary to give appropriate vaccine whenever necessary.
Below are some of the diseases piglets, hog and pigs may encounter:

  • Mulberry Heart Disease (vitamin E deficiency). Though vitamin E is widespread in feed stuffs including vegetable oil, cereals and green plants, the usual problem with Mulberry Heart Disease occurs when farmers use some polyunsaturated fats diets which destroy the vitamins. Vitamin E is very important for optimum function and metabolism of the nervous, muscular, circulatory and immune system.
  • Abscesses:this is the pockets of pus that contain large numbers of bacteria which enter the body through damage to the skin.
  • The Bacterium Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae (APP). Never mind if your teeth cannot pronounce any of these terms very well, your veterinary doctor understands better.

The truth is, there are tens and more diseases that can attack the herd (a group of pigs) or individual pig and you as a Nigerian pig farmer has to be prepared.
Mycotoxicosis, Agalactia, Navel Bleeding, Endometritis, Retroviruses, Erysipelas, Anaemia, Anthrax, Arthritis (joint infections), Oedema Disease, Atrophic Rhinitis (AR), Osteoporosis, Biotin Deficiency, Penis Bleeding, Brucellosis, Cystic Ovaries, Rabies, Peritonitis, Botulism, Pale pig syndrome, Blue Eye Disease, and probably 100 more.
I never intend to disturb you with all these jargons. I never intend to scare you away from pig farming either.
The truth is, many of the diseases above may just be what we should have called “headache” or “stomachache”.
Don`t be wary of their big names. Your veterinary doctor (or even an experienced pig farmer) will not see them as a threat.
All you will have to master is how to discover their symptoms.
A single phone call to a friend (or veterinary doctor) can cure them. Your friend may just have to tell you, “use this antibiotic for them”.
I nearly forget this.
As a pig farmer in Nigeria or anywhere else, you may have to have a little, special pen for the sick pigs or piglets.
I`m sure you know why… some diseases are contagious.


8. Acquiring and studying piggery business plan

If you are setting up a Pig Farming business then it is prudent for you to write a Pig Farming business plan. If you want money for your company this will assist you with it and even if you are fortunate to have sufficient capital to start-up your own business then a business plan will benefit you in your business approach. This will enhance the chances of your business being a success, which cannot be a bad thing.


Piggery Business Executive Summary

Your Pig Farming executive summary ought to be written last once you have done all the ground work in preparation of your business plan – it is after all meant to be an outline of your business. This is the page that ought to grab the awareness of the reader and make them comprehend what your Pig Farming business is about. By and large, it should provide the reader three years highlights of your business or longer if you have a more long term business plan – i.e. when the shareholder(s) are likely to start seeing some earnings on their investment. The Pig Farming executive summary should refer to the main protagonists who are available to assist run the business and generate the takings for the investors and if any additional management will be needed in the process.


Piggery Business Objectives

As the executive summary commonly includes the breakdown of the first three years – your objectives must, in addition, be set out for your first 3 years of operation – this may perhaps be a handful or possibly will be to a great extent more thorough – it is completely down to you, but having unrealistic goals to achieve for your Pig Farming business in an unrealistic time frame will put likely investors off rather than them being impressed at your grand objectives.


Piggery Business Mission

Various people see objectives and mission as the same thing but they aren’t – objectives are there for you to meet your mission. The final mission of any business ought to be to sell it! If you can build your Pig Farming business up to sell it at the same time as retaining a number of shares then you will have achieved victory. To grasp your last mission you will almost certainly require some smaller missions – these may be to reach a certain turnover, to reach a certain quantity of clients, to push a certain number of units of a product or service and your objectives are there to meet this mission.


Keys To Success

You ought to advise people how and why your Pig Farming business is going to be a hit – if you cannot think of anything to enter here then you are without hope. Even if your solution is just that you are going to put more effort in than the next guy – then at least that is something…but you’ll need to back it up with some confirmation in particular if you are looking for investment in your Pig Farming business.


Company Executive Summary

Here you ought to write a simple configuration of your business over the next 3 years unless you have a long-term plan.


Company Ownership

Basically, note down who is going to own the Pig Farming business and allocation of share ownership and voting rights for and allocation of share ownership and voting rights for those shares – it is quite common for somebody to possess part of a company but hold no voice in how that business is run. You need to declare if the business is a limited company, private, public or if you are a sole trader.


Location(S) And Facilities

Where is your Pig Farming business going to be trading from and why are you going to be trading from this place – you may perhaps not be able to give a pinpoint address at this near the beginning stage but you ought to narrow it down as much as you can, as obviously this will have a critical impact on your business. It is usually simple to get premises for any Pig Farming business more than ever in this climate with so many businesses folding, but getting the correct business premises for the right money is a different prospect completely.


Start-Up Summary For Your Piggery Business

Before you start trading it’s a good idea to have a business bank account and you are also going to have to choose a new name for your Pig Farming Business.
Before you can sell any services or products you need to record accurately all of the equipment you are going to need and if you are going to need any capital in order to pay for all of these items. You may perhaps need to amend your start-up summary depending on your financial position – so you might have a preference for specific Pig Farming equipment nevertheless not be capable of purchasing it until you have sold a few units of service/product.


Piggery Business Start-Up Costs

This is an up-front list of things you need to buy or things you can bring into the business if you already own them before your Pig Farming business can come into being. If you don’t have sufficient money you should also include who is going to present this investment to get your Pig Farming business going.


Piggery Business Investment

If you don’t have adequate money you ought to incorporate the full amount of investment you are going to require and in addition involve the breakdown of the parties that are going to bankroll the investment. Incorporate the equity being given away to fund this or loan agreements in order to finance the transaction. Will you require a small business bank loan? If you cannot get a bank loan don’t worry there are alternative methods for funding your Pig Farming Business.


9. Learning some piggery business terminologies

Since you`re new in this business, you may soon be near some people who have been in this business for a long time. They may not be aware of your newness in this line.
I think you should be aware of the following pig farming terminologies:

  • Pig, hog or swine: the species as a whole
  • Piglet or Shoat: unweaned young pig
  • Boar or hog: male pig of breeding age
  • Barrow: castrated male pig before puberty
  • Stag: male pig, castrated later in life
  • Gilt: young female not yet mated, or not yet farrowed
  • Sow: breeding female
  • Pork: the meat of the pig
  • Herd: a group of pigs or all the pigs on a farm
  • Farrowing: when pigs are giving birth
  • Sty: a small pig-house
  • Pig-shed: a larger pig-house


Final Thoughts

Pig farming like many other animal husbandry farming practices is a lucrative venture to get into. With the right training, funding, and general resources, you start and grow a successful pig farm.




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